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Churches Together in England is a national body that aims to bring together in pilgrimage those churches in England which acknowledge God’s revelation in Christ and confess the Lord Jesus Christ as God and Saviour according to the Scriptures.

Some 40 denominations are represented and local groups exist all over the country. By proclaiming the Gospel together through acts of common witness, study, service and recreation, the local Churches Together groups seek to strengthen the common bonds between all Christians in the locality and act as a force for good in their whole community.

Churches Together in Ruislip (CTR) is made up of ten Christian Churches in the HA4 postal district.

- St Martin’s Anglican Church, Ruislip
- St Mary’s Anglican Church, South Ruislip
- St Paul’s Anglican Church, Ruislip Manor 
- Ruislip Manor Methodist Church
- Ruislip Manor Baptist Church

- The Church of St Gregory the Great Catholic Church, South Ruislip
- The Church of the Most Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Ruislip Manor
- Ickenham Road Methodist Church, Ruislip
- South Ruislip Methodist Church
- South Ruislip Christian Fellowship


Representatives from each church form a committee which meets to organise church services, Christian study, charitable collections, outdoor hymn singling, garden parties and outings. These functions change over the years to reflect changes in taste, demographics and the make-up of the local community. They are advertised in all the churches and members of each congregation are encouraged to join in.

The nominated charity for the whole Churches Together movement is Christian Aid. Through house-to-house collections, street collections and through other fund raising events, Churches Together in Ruislip regularly raises over £10,000 every year for Christian Aid.

Members of St Martin’s congregation play an active role in both CTR organisation and events.

If you would like to know more about the work of CTR or would like to get involved then please contact Ian Keys.



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