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Wednesday 28th November - Keishi Suzuki (piano)

Keishi Suzuki is a fine young Japanese pianist and orchestral conductor. He won first prize in Liszt International Piano Competition here in London in 2017, and has been invited back to give the previous winner’s concert at the 2018 competition. While visiting London in November he will also give two other recitals, one of which will be at St Martin’s Ruislip.

Not surprisingly he has chosen a programme comprising mainly of works by Liszt, but he will open his recital with three works by Debussy: Etude pour les octaves, Prelude Book 1 No.7. ‘What the west wind has seen’ and Prelude Book 2 No.6, ‘Général Lavine – eccentric’.

Liszt’s Valse Oubliee No.3 and Faribolo Pasteur, and his Hungarian Rhapsodies nos. 11, 12 and 13, will be interspersed by two of Liszt’s most famous song transcriptions: Schubert’s ‘The Miller and the Brook’ and Schumann’s ‘Widmung’.