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Wednesday 29th May - Lunchtime Classical Concert

A Polish pianist and conductor, Michał Szymanowski has won many top awards in a number of national and international piano competitions, and has performed in many concerts across Europe and throughout the world. He has put together a most enjoyable programme written by two Polish composers:

Six delightful piano miniatures by Ignacy Paderewski

Mazurkas op. 9;   Polonaise in B major op. 9 nr 6;   Menuet in G major op. 14 nr 1;   Sarabande in B minor op. 14 nr 2;   Melodie in G flat major op. 16 nr 2;   Nocturne in B flat major op. 16 nr 4.

Four well-known works by Frederic Chopin:

Nocturne in F minor Op. 55 No. 1;   Ballade in F major Op. 38;   Three Mazurkas Op. 59;   Polonaise in F sharp minor Op. 44.